Tuesday, February 16, 2010

In Progress class work!

So, here is the first official art post of the blog! I'm including all the current development of two class characters to bring y'all up to date on the current class character's I'm working on.

The assignment is to create two characters on the premise of "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde". Now they can come from any time and space and aren't tethered to being a part of the original story. Here's my concept:
Okay, here's the character synopsis and description:

1. Chester McFinkelroy ( Dr. Jekyll). He's a man in his late thirties with drooped shoulders a large squarish head and smallish eyes. He appears much older than he really is. Chester sports a bicycle handle moustache. He's as unathletic as a person could be, but excels in the practical things in life. He is short in stature with large thin feet, which make it difficult for him to play the great past-time of baseball. The local team ( the Orville Spiders ) is owned by his mother's husband ( a steel baron ) and it is indeed the only reason he is even allowed on the squad. Which the other lads on the team are aware of, and despise.

Chester longs to be seen as one of the fellows and to feel confident in courting Miss Victoria Worthington, but alas no one ( including her ) finds the town drugist to be a smart match.

Knowing this oh too well, Chester locks himself away to experiment with numerous drugs and chemicals in order to find a concoction that will make him bigger, stronger and faster. His experimentation pays off all too well and Chester finds himself not only physically changed, but psychologically changed, as well.

2. Roderick Jones ( Mr. Hyde ). Roderick is the name of the alter ego that Chester transforms himself into. His torso and shoulders are huge and his head seems to get lost in his body. His jaw though is large and square. His arms become barrel shaped and legs become muscular, while his feet shrink to a smaller more agile size. Roderick his slightly unkept hair and wild eyes that are round almost bulging, out of his puffed face. Roderick appears to be in his early 30's. Roderick is indeed an athlete of astonishing proportions and his mischaevous manly appetites are legend among the team. And while he is popular, his temper is often scary as he seemingly at the slightest provocation can fly into a raging tantrum. Chester, sent him to the team as a sub for him, when he was "sick", saying that he was a friend from back East. The team instantly becomes successful, but the fellows are curious, why the don't see Chester and Roderick together at the same time and also why they can't have Roderick play for every game...

Time Period: 1897

I started out creating a ton of shape variations

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