Monday, March 29, 2010

Roderick Returns! Attitudes and Expressions's some more work with Roderick. Expressions and attitudes...The expressions passed the "toddler test". Naomi quickly and easily picked out the sad, happy, angry and surprised expressions. This is the really fun stage of design— turnarounds not so much...but you've got to get through the turnarounds to get here. I've got a back log of ideas, including the Great Brain characters that will need to be refined and given the full treatment...That's my work from April until June...!

I used a Cintiq for the expressions and pencil and vellum for the attitudes ( in case inquiring minds wanted to know...)


michael robertson said...

wow, lincoln! great animation skills-really nice expressions too. keep up the great work.

lincoln said...

Many thanks Michael! I'm working on a portfolio for character design so that I can move my family out of the NE Ohio region. After illustrating here since '98, I've lost my enthusiasm for living and struggling here.

I am pleased, though, to see a hyper-talented illustrator such as yourself making it and living here! I'm curious how you've marketed your work!

Dennis Cornetta said...

LOVE this. The expressions are absolutely fantastic. And I'm really diggin' that punch pose. Awesome awesome awesome.