Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Intro to Picture Book Illustration: Week 6 - Lighting a Scene

What are the Basic Functions of Light in an illustration?
1. To establish the center of interest
2. To establish the mood and tone
3. To give structure to the setting
4. To build the overall composition

Different types of light sources
Primary - used as the main light that illuminates the center of interest. It can be anything that radiates light from a candle to the sun...
Secondary - used to build depth in a scene and suggest what is happening off stage. The primary and secondary light sources are often a different temperature color wise.
On Camera vs Off Camera light - On Camera usually encloses the scene and frames it in the picture plane. Off camera light alludes to the larger world off stage...

Basic types of light used in Primary or Secondary forms
1. Single light or spot light
2. Double light or double spot lights
3. Flat light - like the light on an overcast day at high noon. No drama, no deep shadows or bright hot spot highlights.
4. Diffused light - flat but broken up by mist or filters reducing and abstracting forms.
5. Sculptural light (chiaroscuro)- light that develops and reveals the form of objects
6. Rimlight - usually seen as a highlight on a dark form when a subject is lit from behind.
7. Reflected light - light that bounces off of an object onto another surface. Effective as a secondary light source, but can be used as a primary source depending on the scene and the story.

Check out how light effects each of the compositions attached. Not the change in temperature between colors and how it effects the overall design f the image.


Wayne B. Medina said...

wow, you have a really nice blog Lincoln! very cool and informative! thank you for stopping by my blog man

michael robertson said...

Hey Lincoln! I just got a chance to read through all your lessons. Very informative- I feel I've learned quite a bit, and I especially enjoyed the post on children's illustration and character design.

You're quite a talent and it's great that you are able to share your expertise with the rest of us. Thanks!

Pragmatic Mom said...

Your use of light and dark is Old Master Renaissance-Like -- very impressive!

Pragmatic Mom

Pragmatic Mom said...

Your use of light and dark is Old Master Renaissance-Like -- very impressive!

Pragmatic Mom

lincoln said...

Wayne - many thanks for the kind words I really enjoy your work and will definitely keep stopping by

Michael - many thanks! One of these we'll have to get together in the real world, too. Incidentally, in your opinion what would be the most valuable class for a working illustrator to take if they were sharpening skills?

Hello Pragmatic Mom — thanks for the kind words. The knight has a large "Caravaggio" influence, to be sure!

Nikolas Ilic said...

hey i really appreciate the comment. Your blog is amazing you have such good draftsmanship. Its a pleasure to look at.

Marcos Mateu said...

Nice color illustration!