Friday, July 9, 2010

Online gestures, and Halloween, Already?

Thought I would post some of my warm-up gestures that I try to do at work on daily basis. I became a member of which his quicktime movies of models posing in various time frame— 1-2 minute gestures, 3 minutes, 4 minutes etc... It's not the same as working from life, but it certainly helps keep the knives sharpened, especially when there are limited life drawing model classes available...Most all of these sketches are 1-2 minutes.

Also, I tossed up some of the work drawings I knocked it this week. The company I work for sells patterns, fabric, home dec, crafting things and the like. And so I draw various things that will show up in the ads while I'm composing how they will look for the photographers. Well, the big Halloween push is coming up and costumes where the order of the week. Normally, I clean these up a bit, but we had an absurd amount of ads to work on. There are a few clean ones in there, but I think the rough have more charm...!


Justin Rodrigues said...

Great Gestures! Very fluid and they have a lot of movement. The costumes are great also! It's all great keep em coming!

Abz said...

Wow man, some of ur best work-- the sketches are incredible...full of life and character..each face, each movement! Brilliant work mate!

lincoln said...

Thanks guys! The work that you talents guys do inspires me to keep working as hard as I can! You all set the bar very high...!