Monday, August 9, 2010

Another one for Etsy?

Here's a mixed media piece I did as a demo for a class I taught a while back. This is another one I'm considering for sale on Etsy...

Anyone who'd buy a print let me know!


Abz said...

Im going to name him milfred. :) He's fun, looks like he just shampooed!

lincoln said...

Milfred says "thanks" and that he's an exclusive user of Pantene conditioner...of which he just ran out.

Nikolas Ilic said...

What medium is this done in ? Looks amazing! Glad to see you got the tabs working on your blog as well:)

lincoln said...

Hi Nikolas! Many thanks for the advice on this! It will certainly allow me to get all of my different portfolios up in a very efficient and economic way! I still have a graphic design tab, portraiture tab, and teaching tab to put up yet, as well as filling out the illustration tab!

The mediums and process on Milfred :
1. pencil drawing on strathamore board
2. vine charcoal added for values—highlights lifted out with a kneaded eraser
3.yellow green oil wash laid over over background
4. red oil wash laid over Milfred.
5. colored pencil, caran de arche crayons and rembrandt pastels used over top of oil washes to add detail and punch color.

Justin Rodrigues said...

this is beautiful man! great stuff!