Friday, December 3, 2010

Samurai vs the Knight rough boards!

So here's an action sequence of a knight and samurai sword sequence. I'm casting the samurai as "Robin Hood" running amuck in Sherwood Forest. IN this sequence he is in the middle of knocking over one of Prince John's merchant carriages and get's ambushed by the Sheriff of Nottingham.

I can't wait to start cleaning these up and I'll probably ink these, as well...thoughts or advice on these before they go to final?


nate v said...

yo this is pretty dope!

one thing i would have to say is to watch your framing. a lot of your close ups are cutting off the the head, to the point were youre almost cutting off the brows.

also some of your attack actions get lost for example the part when he throws the dagger at the old man. youre cutting off his arm. id maybe dutch that angle and go for the nice silhouette. id maybe add some antic poses before the moves to elaborate more on the motion.

the motivation of hood grabbing the key is kinda confusing the first time looking through it. maybe a quick shot of the side of the carriage displaying a bank banner or something.

great stuff dude! cant wait to see the finals

lincoln said...

Hi Nate!

You're right, the crops are making some uncomfortable tangents. I can shrink them a bit. And I agree another shot or two of the carriage laden with gold chests will drive home the motivation a bit more. And the angle on the old man is a bit cramped. I'll try and dutch that.

How is the flow of action in the sword fight, does it make sense? How is the pacing?