Thursday, May 26, 2011

Horrid Henry for Spider Eye Animation

Okay so I've been under a rock for quite a while and here's what I've been working on!

So here are a few pages from an episode of Horrid Henry, an animated TV show in the UK based of off a children's book series. It's been on the air for several years and the production company works exclusively with freelancers. It is fun and challenging in that you learn that 2-D traditional TV animation is a little limited in what you can do with complex camera moves. So most everything is done in quick shots with the occasional, pan, zoom or tracking shot...

I'm fast learning why it's important to either get alot of freelance or get hired into a studio because losing time with your family for weeks at a time while working 70-80 hours a week doing double duty is torturous...The upside is the portfolio has "street cred", debts are being paid off and savings is being put away so that sooner than later we can move across the country to the left coast and possibly get full time board work ( or at least consistent board work!)

This time around I'm streamlining the workflow. Alot of time went into the preparation of files and repositioning of rough boards into clean frames, numbering of boards multiple times (rough, clean, revision ). In short alot of things that didn't have much to do with the actual creation and drawing of the boards. So between that and just roughing in the boards faster, those are my areas to chop down major areas of time. After drawing the characters about 700 times I think I've got a bead on staying on model better in the rough stage, which will make clean-up go much faster!

Hope you enjoy!