Tuesday, September 11, 2012

All In A Dad's Day interior pages

So I've been locked in the studio with little time to post. But things have slowed down a bit so that I can begin to update the blog with what I have been working on! Starting with the finished book "All In Dad's Day" which was part of a Fathering initiative In Cleveland, OH. These are some of my favorite spreads! The story is told from in a question and answer rhyme format. For example— "What if I fell and hurt myself while playing in a field? Just call me the “cure-all dad” – I’ll nurse you ‘til you’re healed." After a few pages like this the Dad, then takes over the conversation giving examples of what he would take the initiative to do. "I’m here to tell you silly stories and tuck you into bed. To cook your favorite dinner, and make sure that you’re fed." "To teach you how to throw a ball. And always catch you when you fall." And my favorite... "I’ll fight off any monster, no matter how wild, because you belong to me. You are my special child." It was great fun working on this book and it had quite a strong purpose that we hope to continue to carry out as the book stretches further out into the community.


Justin Rodrigues said...

So cool man! love the painting style you used. Definitely come by at CTN. We'll go grab some coffee if i can sneak away from my booth!

lincoln said...

Thanks Justin! There's always the evenings between some of the night seminars to hang. Looking forward to it!