Thursday, May 21, 2015

Adaboy Returns!

With a slight break ( and I do mean slight break in the action) I've been able to return to "Adaboy" working on the revised story treatment with Zack Petroc from Walt Disney Feature Animation. These are the beats from each scene that are being added to a narration we'll watch as an animatic. So here's the basic gist of the story:

An outcast orphaned alchemist teen must partner with a group of religious order teens who despise him in order to save the townsfolk from his evil resurrected father.

The set-up shows Adam as the prophetic ruin that will bring the kingdom to it's knees— after his father commits suicide before capture, Adam is adopted by the leader of opposing Religious Order. While they despise him, they use him in secret to find the alchemical key that will create gold and save the kingdom from financial ruin. Once this happens Adam will be killed...

Adam's rival is Arch the, son of the Religious Order leader. And it is their uneasy alliance that is at the center of the story once Arch ( jealous of Adam's success at creating gold) accidentally releases the spirit of Adam's father back into the world.

Once back Abe, restarts his experiments to find the Elixer of Life which will not only restore his full body, but make him immortal. He reeks havoc on the town and creates inhuman experiments on the townspeople mutating them into creatures that do his bidding.

The kids escape with the key that will unlock Abe's experiments and go on the run to find the Seven Bravest who will save them. The fight and escape various creature attacks only to discover the Seven are dead and everything is on them to save the town.

From there the kids have to follow Adam to find the bile ingredients that when combined could stop Abe. Adam must overcome his desire to be fathered by his evil Dad in order to save a town that reviles him. In the end, it is a newfound trust and friendship that unites the kids, defeats Abe and shames the old Religious Order giving rise to a new "Seven Bravest"!