Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Story Board Portfolio Key Frames

Here's a few pages from the new storyboard portfolio. These are some key frames done in a few quick different styles...I'm going to do a few more and post them soon! In addition, I'll be converting the pages over into a storyboard link at the top of the page. And sending out e-blasts to potential clients. I'll also be sending out hard copy portfolios to those companies that prefer them.


Carolyn said...

Very cool!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Your work is amazing. Thanks so much for stopping by. Happy New Year!

Brad said...

lincoln! happy new year!

your stuff is looking fantastic! man!
you are dedicated to your art, and it is good for the rest of us.

i checked out your other blogs and they are wonderful. it is nice to see them organized and altogether in the different blogs.


Rogério Santana said...

Wow. So nice. Good luck!

lincoln said...

Many thanks gang!

nate v said...

Good luck dude! you got the right stuff and im sure studios will see it!